homemade latch hook rug

Beginners guide to Latch hook rug making. Learn how to latch hook, create your own pillow, rug or wall hanging.

Making a Latch Hook Rug

     ● Latch Hook Tools
     ● Printed Canvases
     ● Blank Canvases
     ● Yarn/Wool
     ● Other Equipment
Learning to Latch Hook
     ● Learn in a minute
     ● Large Rugs 1
     ● Large Rugs 2
     ● Large Rugs 3
     ● Large Rugs 4
Hints and Tips
Further Resources
How Wool is Processed
Types of Wool


Making a latch hook rug can be easy, relaxing, fun and very enjoyable, it is a hobby and interest that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Many people make latch hook rugs as presents, and as such are homemade, one of a kind and personal to the person it is made for. Rugs can also be made for yourself, for a particular part of the house and give the home that personal warm touch.

Getting Started

Rug Gallery

Latch Hook Tool Canvas


or a Latch Hook kit



Dont know how to Latch Hook?

Learn now


Pictured Step-by-Step guide

homemade latch hook rug

homemade latch hook rug

homemade latch hook rug


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