homemade latch hook rug

Beginners guide to Latch hook rug making. Learn how to latch hook, create your own pillow, rug or wall hanging.

Making a Latch Hook Rug

     ● Latch Hook Tools
     ● Printed Canvases
     ● Blank Canvases
     ● Yarn/Wool
     ● Other Equipment
Learning to Latch Hook
     ● Learn in a minute
     ● Large Rugs 1
     ● Large Rugs 2
     ● Large Rugs 3
     ● Large Rugs 4
Hints and Tips
Further Resources
How Wool is Processed
Types of Wool

Hints and Tips

● If you see a latch hook kit you would like to make, shop around.

● Although latch hook kits contain the yarn needed to finish the pattern, not all kits include a background colour. You may need to purchase some extra yarn to complete this.

● Not all rug kits contain a latch hook tool, this sometimes will need to be purchased separately, it is worth checking this when purchasing the kit; especially if this is being purchased for somebody as a gift.

● If you mess up or make a mistake when following the pattern and use the wrong colour by mistake, its not too difficult to pull out and undo the knots and correct the mistakes.

● Avoid the temptation to complete the canvas by colour rather than by rows. Hooking around an already hooked area is tedious and frustrating. Going bottom to top, row by row is often the simplest method.

● As you complete each row, check for loose yarn and tighten them. (It's easier to see loose yarn through the backside of the rug.

● For less scratchy edges, use masking tape to tape the edges of the canvas.

● When purchasing a pre-printed canvas please remember that the canvas pattern is not always as accurate as the chart or picture on the outside of the packaging.

● Once you have completed your rug, you can bind the edges so that the rug looks more professional.

● Making pillows require more work than making rugs. You need to cut it to the size and shape of the pillow and stuff it.





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