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Beginners guide to Latch hook rug making. Learn how to latch hook, create your own pillow, rug or wall hanging.

Making a Latch Hook Rug

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How Wool is Processed
Types of Wool


Rug yarn can vary greatly, however it is generally a thicker type of yarn/wool. Often this is a thick, 3-ply yarn which is used, although other ply can be used in rug making.

NOTE: If you are interested in how wool/yarn is made, please have a look at the 'How Wool is Processed' page. More information about the different types of wool can be found in 'Types of Wool'.

Two Options

If you are latch hooking a rug there are primarily two options to consider for yarn. Ive added some advantages and disadvantages against these.

Pre-cut Wool

variety of colours of pre-cut yarn or wool

Pre-cut wool is basically wool that is packaged and sold cut into small strips ready to be latch hooked.

This is the form wool will be in if you were to purchase a latch hook kit, but it can be brought separately from various craft or hobby stores.

Advantages Disadvantages
Already cut,  only has to be latch hooked onto your rug

Can purchase in smaller quantities than buying a ball of wool

All the strands are lined/straightened up, making hooking alot quicker

Yarn has been specifically produced to be used for rug making

Can be more expensive than buying wool and cutting it yourself

Restricted on the length of the strands, if you are thinking of making a particular short or long stranded rug.

Other Yarn and Wool

Yarn/wool can be purchased from any craft or hobby store, you can use a variety of yarns depending on what type of rug you want to make.

If you have a look at my Grandad's rugs here you can see that the rug was made using 5 or 6 strands of yarn with each knot so that the rug was thicker. However thicker wool could have been used, choice is yours.

Balls of wool or yarn that can be used for rug making
Advantages Disadvantages
More widely available than pre-cut wool, as it is used for other crafts, such as knitting.

Larger range of colours available. (although the colours available in pre-cut wool is growing)

Able to use a variety of textured and different thickness of ply wool to personalise your rug.

Cheaper to buy if you are starting your own rug and needing to purchase wool to complete it.

Cheaper if you are thinking of making a latch hook rug to use up spare or recycled wool.

Able to make a rug with your own length of strands of wool.

Will need to be cut into strands before it can be latch hooked. This is timely. Although there are machines that you can get to do this for you.

Once the strands are cut up, they can be more difficult to work with, as they are not all aligned ready to be latch hooked. Particularly an issue if you are using more than 1 strand in each latch hooked knot.




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