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Beginners guide to Latch hook rug making. Learn how to latch hook, create your own pillow, rug or wall hanging.

Making a Latch Hook Rug

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Blank Canvases

Blank canvas

Canvas can be picked up from any craft/hobby store, there are a number of shops line where you can also purchased this. Its usually cut from a roll, so often the width cant be altered, but the length can be. I would suggest always buying a little more than you need, as once your rug is complete you will need the extra inch around the edge of unused canvas to help bind the rug.

If you have a look in the 'Gallery' pages at my Grandad's rug you can see that in these examples the rug was made to the end of the canvas, avoiding the need to bind.


Canvases are often 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester. They are very flexible to work with and strong and easy to use. Canvases will often be described as "3.75 h.p.i" which refers to the Holes Per Inch (H.P.I)

H.P.I - What is this?

HPI stands for Holes per Inch and is a term used to describe the number of holes per inch in the canvas. It will depend what thickness of yarn or wool is going to be used in the rug, as to how small holes you want in the canvas.

For example:

You can use a canvas with larger holes per inch and double up or more the yarn for each hole. Rather than latch-hooking 1 strand of yarn for each hole, maybe use 4 strands or 6.

The type of wool that can be used is discussed under Yarn/Wool.

close up view of a canvas

latchhook canvas from a roll

Canvas can be purchased off of a roll as shown to the left. When the rug is completed it can then be bound, protecting the edges and finishing the rug nicely.

There are many ways to bound the edges of the rug from using sticky tape to sewing the edges using rug binding.




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