Chloe playing with Mummy

Hyper Mummy Time

11th November 2018 admin 0

Short video of Chloe playing with Mummy. Chloe loves playing,usually the rougher the better, Chloe is not a gentle girl, sweet and softplay doesn’t usually [more]

Russian Dolls

Daddy’s Home

29th October 2018 admin 0

Daddy has been away for the week for work, Chloe has missed Daddy and throughout this time has been saying ‘Ahhh’ and looking for Daddy [more]


Looking for Daddy [VIDEO]

24th October 2018 admin 0

This morning (whilst Daddy is away for a few days in another country) Chloe has been saying ‘Aaaa, Aaaa’, which is Chloe’s word for Daddy. [more]



15th December 2016 admin 0

Just a quick update regarding Chloe at the moment. Chloe is still in hospital very unwell. Chloe has tonsillitis, but the doctors think something else [more]

Chloe Smiling

Smile Chloe

13th August 2016 admin 0

Quick photo of Chloe this evening whilst Hannah changed her oxygen and NPA tubes (tube that ensures her airway is always clear). This is a [more]