Daddy and Chloe

Sleepless Nights

31st October 2018 admin 0

Last few nights have been particularly tiring (largely for Mum) where Chloe is now waking up at 5am, rather than 6am. Worse in the evenings, [more]


Sleeping – Ventilator

20th July 2018 admin 0

Chloe has recently been in Hospital due to her lungs. Chloe seems to keep getting lung/chest infections, and when these are investigated suggest that Chloe’s [more]

Chloe sleeping with Dolly Mixture

Sleeping Beauty

14th August 2017 admin 0

A reminder of how cute Chloe can be – despite her frequent need to visit hospital, medications and disturbed nights.

Power nap

Morning Power Nap

15th June 2017 admin 0

Chloe (and Mummy) have been up all night, Chloe eventually falling asleep in the early hours. Chloe’s just woken up again this morning, vomited and [more]

Chloe in Hospital again


23rd May 2017 admin 0

We are still in hospital with Chloe. Chloe is still on Airvu at the moment to help with breathing. We have just been moved to [more]


Ambulance x2

23rd May 2017 admin 0

Ambulance No. 1 Monday morning we ended up phoning PAU (Paediatrics Assessment Unit) at Southampton General, Chloe being Chloe means that we currently always have [more]

Daddy cuddles

Daddy cuddles

4th April 2017 admin 0

Chloe has just gone off to sleep now as the nurses are handing over. I’m realising how heavy Chloe is getting as well.

Daddy cuddles

Spoilt (Daddy cuddles)

6th March 2017 admin 0

Here is a lovely picture of Chloe falling asleep on my lap. Little were we to know that later that evening and throughout the night [more]

Girls camping

Girls camping

6th March 2017 admin 0

The last few weeks it has been increasingly difficult to get Chloe to spend the night sleeping. We (I mean Mummy) have been spending a [more]


Tiring Weekend

20th February 2017 admin 0

Chloe has been in Hospital for almost 2 weeks now. This weekend Chloe was starting to feel better, feeds had started to be increased and [more]

In Hospital...again...

Chest Infection

12th February 2017 admin 0

Having been admitted into hospital Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon we are still in. Chloe had a chest X-Ray last night and this morning we were [more]

Sleeping sitting up

Asleep sitting

12th February 2017 admin 0

We are having to sit Chloe up whilst Chloe is asleep to keep her oxygen levels high enough. Bless Chloe, she is so tired this [more]