Daddy and Chloe

Sleepless Nights

31st October 2018 admin 0

Last few nights have been particularly tiring (largely for Mum) where Chloe is now waking up at 5am, rather than 6am. Worse in the evenings, [more]


Sleeping – Ventilator

20th July 2018 admin 0

Chloe has recently been in Hospital due to her lungs. Chloe seems to keep getting lung/chest infections, and when these are investigated suggest that Chloe’s [more]

Chloe Sleeping

The Bake Off

5th October 2016 admin 0

Chloe is enjoying this evening’s British Bake off on TV. So sweet when her arm comes up to hide her eyes.


Sleepy baby

20th August 2016 admin 0

Chloe has just this second fallen asleep. A little grumpy where Chloe has had a busy day, but sure enough a few minutes on our [more]

Chloe Asleep

Rolling Around

15th August 2016 admin 0

A few photos of Chloe’s latest development. Chloe has started to roll around on the floor a bit. This is still quite tiring for Chloe, [more]

Fairy Lights

Fairy Castle

15th August 2016 admin 0

We found some nice colour changing star lights in Ikea a couple of weeks ago (yes, I was dragged around Ikea). They gradually and slowly [more]

Homemade Blanket

Handmade Blanket

4th August 2016 admin 0

Chloe received a lovely handmade blanket from Michelle Reader’s mum yesterday. Chloe loves it, it’s crocheted so Chloe can grab hold of it and play [more]

New Cotbed

13th May 2016 admin 0

A lengthy visit from the Community nurses today, taught me (husband) how to suction Chloe’s NPA (Nasopharyngeal airway). Up until now Hannah has been the [more]

Soft Blanket

Soft Blanket

10th May 2016 admin 0

It has come to our attention that Chloe may like memory foam mattresses and soft blankets. Tonight without any help Chloe has managed to fall [more]

Sleepy baby

Sleepy baby

9th May 2016 admin 0

In an attempt to get more sleep than we did the night before, we tried to entertain and keep Chloe playing a bit longer, but [more]