Chloe's Haircut

Chloe’s Haircut

16th January 2019 admin 0

Chloe has been to the hairdressers today. We are trying to grow Chloe’s hair, as some parts are still bald (where Chloe rolls around on [more]


Chocolate [VIDEO]

4th December 2018 admin 0

Its nearly Christmas and Chloe has today had her first taste of Christmas chocolates. Chloe is largely peg fed directly via a tube into her [more]

Visiting Santa

It’s Santa!!

1st December 2018 admin 0

This Saturday afternoon, as it was the start of advent calendars and Chloe and the boys were feeling very Christmasy, we spent the afternoon at [more]

Barn Owl

Chloe meeting Owls

1st December 2018 admin 0

This afternoon at Cadnam Garden Centre Chloe had the opportunity to meet and stroke some owls, one of which was a lovely barn owl. Chloe’s [more]

Chloe wrapped up warm

Remembrance Sunday

11th November 2018 admin 0

We attended Rembrance Sunday today, starting with a march through Totton. Both Chloe’s brothers attend and take part in Beavers and so were part of [more]

New Shoes

New Shoes…again

9th November 2018 admin 0

Chloe received her next pair of shoes this week. We have chosen burgundy – we have a little choice of what style shoe Chloe has, [more]

Chloe’s Growing

27th October 2018 admin 0

This is a photo of Chloe today (nearly 3 years old) against one of her 6 month old vests, which Chloe wore around the time [more]


Chloe Caricature

25th October 2018 admin 0

Chloe and her brothers were at an event today at St Marys; held by the Saints Disability Supporters Association. Chloe and her two brothers had [more]

Happy Chloe

Super happy today

10th June 2018 admin 0

Chloe, having her usual short night’s sleep has woken up today super happy and full of energy. Poor Mummy, who has been up all night, [more]

Baby Annabelle

Baby Annabelle

10th September 2017 admin 0

Chloe has this morning found a new baby at Asda to cuddle (suck to death), we’ve called her Annabelle.

Hair Dressers


14th August 2017 admin 0

Visit to the hairdressers for Chloe. Chloe was born with a full head of hair, so from a very young age we have needed to [more]

Dolly Mixture

Cuddles with Dolly Mixture

5th August 2017 admin 0

Photo of Chloe, managed to get home just before it started raining. Chloe has just woken up from a lovely sleep this morning.

Walk for Chloe

A Walk for Chloe: Part 2

14th July 2017 admin 0

Huge congratulations and thank you to Sue and her colleagues for completing the 20 mile walk across the Purbecks on Saturday 1st July. Sue had [more]