NPA is now out


5th April 2017 admin 0

Chloe has just had her NPA out. You may remember Chloe has this for the first 9 months of her life to ensure an airway [more]

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Smallest Medicine Ever

5th April 2017 admin 0

This has to be the smallest vial of medicine ever. Look how small it is. I’ve compared it to my bottle of drink.

Daddy cuddles

Daddy cuddles

4th April 2017 admin 0

Chloe has just gone off to sleep now as the nurses are handing over. I’m realising how heavy Chloe is getting as well.

Chloe feeling unwell


1st April 2017 admin 0

Thursday night and another overnight stay for Chloe at Southampton General Hospital. Chloe has for the last few days been vomiting and Thursday evening thrashing [more]


Tiring Weekend

20th February 2017 admin 0

Chloe has been in Hospital for almost 2 weeks now. This weekend Chloe was starting to feel better, feeds had started to be increased and [more]


RSV again

16th February 2017 admin 0

Well we are still in hospital with Chloe. Day number 6. One of Chloe’s swabs came back with the fact that Chloe is still RSV [more]

In Hospital...again...

Chest Infection

12th February 2017 admin 0

Having been admitted into hospital Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon we are still in. Chloe had a chest X-Ray last night and this morning we were [more]

Sleeping sitting up

Asleep sitting

12th February 2017 admin 0

We are having to sit Chloe up whilst Chloe is asleep to keep her oxygen levels high enough. Bless Chloe, she is so tired this [more]

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Meal

11th February 2017 admin 0

When you look after a disabled child, particularly one named Chloe; things don’t always go to plan. What was planned as a lovely Valentine’s meal [more]