Sleeping – Ventilator

20th July 2018 admin 0

Chloe has recently been in Hospital due to her lungs. Chloe seems to keep getting lung/chest infections, and when these are investigated suggest that Chloe’s [more]

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Hands Up

25th October 2016 admin 0

Could the person who has just pulled out their NG tube (again) please put their hand up? Another trip to hospital for the family.

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Feeling under the weather

27th September 2016 admin 0

Currently sat in Paediatrics in Southampton General Hospital. Chloe has been awake all night crying and vomiting. Has a high temperature and generally feeling unwell. [more]

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Chloe’s Not Well

12th September 2016 admin 0

Last week both our boys went back to School, and with that starts the round of colds and other germs they seem to pick up [more]

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Operation: Peg

21st August 2016 admin 0

We received Chloe’s next surgery date through the post today. This will be in September. This surgery is to have a peg inserted to help [more]

Spoilt in Hospital


18th July 2016 admin 0

Somebody likes watching Mr Tumble before they go to sleep each evening. Chloe has decided that mummy’s tablet is now Chloe’s.  

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Music Therapy

15th July 2016 admin 0

Whilst on the Robins Ward Chloe experienced some music therapy. This video below (apologises for bad quality, recorded on Messenger app) is just a short [more]