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Happy Christmas Chloe

25th December 2018 admin 0

Happy Christmas Chloe. It was an early start for us this morning, Chloe’s brothers woke up at about 5am, and Chloe wasn’t too far behind. [more]

Christmas Outfit

Christmas Eve

24th December 2018 admin 0

We are home, out of hospital. Chloe is currently on antibiotics (oral). Chloe was supposed to have 1 final dose of IV antibiotics at hospital [more]

Mummy and Chloe

In hospital – Day 3

23rd December 2018 admin 0

We are still in hospital this morning. Chloe has now had 48 hours of IV antibiotics. Urine results showed that Chloe has grown a nasty [more]

Nanny Cuddles

Cuddles with Nanny

20th December 2018 admin 0

A couple of photos of Chloe at Aunty Katy’s. Chloe practicing sitting up, which is improving all the time. Chloe also having cuddles with Nanny [more]

Chloe and Mummy Ice Skating

Ice Skating At Christmas

17th December 2018 admin 0

This weekend we went ice skating in Southampton. Just outside West Quay shopping there is a temporary ice skating rink for the Christmas period. Chloe [more]

Feeding Reindeers

Feeding Reindeers

9th December 2018 admin 0

Sunday morning we spent in Totton watching the Santa Run. Quite a lot of Santa’s all in 1 place. We obviously met the real Santa [more]

Chloe Sitting

Sitting – Practice

3rd December 2018 admin 0

Chloe has been learning and practicing to sit up straight, sometimes by herself for a short time. Huge progress in the last 6 months. Chloe [more]

Visiting Santa

It’s Santa!!

1st December 2018 admin 0

This Saturday afternoon, as it was the start of advent calendars and Chloe and the boys were feeling very Christmasy, we spent the afternoon at [more]

Birthday Eve

Birthday Eve

20th November 2018 admin 0

Today, 19th November – it is only 1 day until both Chloe and Daniel have their birthday’s. Today is known as Birthday Eve according to [more]

Joshua and Chloe

Brother Cuddles

16th November 2018 admin 0

Boys have been having cuddles with Chloe this morning, Chloe is growing up quickly, so not as small as Chloe once was. Previously holding Chloe [more]

Children In Need

Children In Need 2018

16th November 2018 admin 0

Today Chloe and her brothers are dressing up in spots for Children In Need at School. Daniel has also spent quite a bit of time [more]

Chloe playing with Mummy

Hyper Mummy Time

11th November 2018 admin 0

Short video of Chloe playing with Mummy. Chloe loves playing,usually the rougher the better, Chloe is not a gentle girl, sweet and softplay doesn’t usually [more]