Children In Need

Children In Need 2018

16th November 2018 admin 0

Today Chloe and her brothers are dressing up in spots for Children In Need at School. Daniel has also spent quite a bit of time [more]


Chloe Caricature

25th October 2018 admin 0

Chloe and her brothers were at an event today at St Marys; held by the Saints Disability Supporters Association. Chloe and her two brothers had [more]

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Swimming Time [VIDEO]

11th September 2016 admin 0

Saturday morning we packed up the car and as a family headed to Basingstoke/Winchester way to visit Bluebells again. This is a house run by [more]

Swimming pool cuddles

The Bluebells – Sunday

22nd August 2016 admin 0

This weekend we had an opportunity to spend the day at ‘The Bluebells‘, this is a house owned by the Sebastian’s Action Trust. The Trust provide [more]

Mayflower Theatre

Mayflower Threatre

6th August 2016 admin 0

Today we went to the Mayflower Theatre to see Pirates of Penzance. The Mayflower have viewings that are listed as ‘Relaxed showing’ which means young [more]

Naomi House

Naomi House

23rd July 2016 admin 0

Friday morning saw Chloe have her first visit to Naomi House ( This initial visit was to have a look around, try some of the [more]