Chloe and Mummy Ice Skating

Ice Skating At Christmas

17th December 2018 admin 0

This weekend we went ice skating in Southampton. Just outside West Quay shopping there is a temporary ice skating rink for the Christmas period. Chloe [more]

Star of the Week Certificate

Star of the Week…again

14th December 2018 admin 0

Chloe has come home from school this week with another ‘Star of the Week’ certificate. This certificate from the headteacher was given to Chloe for [more]

Chloe in Christmas Performance

Chloe’s Christmas Play

14th December 2018 admin 0

Chloe has had her Christmas play at Forest Park this week. Chloe has been dressed up by her teachers to star alongside her other school [more]

Feeding Reindeers

Feeding Reindeers

9th December 2018 admin 0

Sunday morning we spent in Totton watching the Santa Run. Quite a lot of Santa’s all in 1 place. We obviously met the real Santa [more]

Visiting Santa

It’s Santa!!

1st December 2018 admin 0

This Saturday afternoon, as it was the start of advent calendars and Chloe and the boys were feeling very Christmasy, we spent the afternoon at [more]

Barn Owl

Chloe meeting Owls

1st December 2018 admin 0

This afternoon at Cadnam Garden Centre Chloe had the opportunity to meet and stroke some owls, one of which was a lovely barn owl. Chloe’s [more]

Swimming with Chloe

22nd October 2018 admin 0

This sunday afternoon we booked an hour’s swimming session at The Bluebells. The Bluebells is run by the Sebastian’s Action Trust for which we have [more]

Chloe's Baking

Chloe’s Baking

28th July 2018 admin 0

Today, Chloe and her brothers made some biscuits. It was very messy – but lovely to spend time with Chloe doing something ‘normal’. Chloe liked [more]

Chloe Bowling


30th September 2017 admin 0

Chloe’s gone bowling this morning. Using the frame to start the bowling ball rolling. Chloe is able to push it (gently) once the ball is [more]