Happy Christmas Chloe

Chloe's Shape Sorter
Chloe's Shape Sorter

Happy Christmas Chloe. It was an early start for us this morning, Chloe’s brothers woke up at about 5am, and Chloe wasn’t too far behind. Chloe not really knowing it was Christmas, more due to Chloe not sleeping through the night and waking up every other hour.

Chloe's Shape Sorter

Chloe has had some lovely presents from Santa and family today. Chloe’s rocking chair elephant going down really well, as well as clothes and tactile/sensory toys. Chloe loves getting and being dressed, and today being one of those days (vomiting) Chloe has had 3 or 4 outfit changes.

Unwrapping Presents

Chloe joined us at the dinner table, party hat ended up becoming first course quite quickly.

Christmas Dinner

Chloe is at the moment on puree/blended diet. Essentially Chloe has fruit puree/porridge in the morning, puree at lunchtime and a liquid version of our meal in the evening. This takes, what was a very nice Christmas roast prepared by Mum, to a brown thick puree (as shown below). Chloe doesn’t actually taste this as it goes through her peg directly into her stomach.

Chloe's Christmas Dinner

Chloe’s brothers have also had a lovely day. We spent the evening playing Scrabble and Joshua started making his Lego Millennium Falcon model.

Christmas Onesies