We missed you G1

Chloe had been enjoying a few days stay at Naomi House, just for respite. Unfortunately following a number of phone calls with Naomi House Chloe had been vomitting quite a bit, quite a few times each day.

Friday afternoon we visited to pick Chloe up, given that Chloe has been vomittingvomi the last 24 hours really. Chloe can get dehydrated very quickly and pick up UTI’s and all sorts.

Chloe also has a temperature and what appears to be the start of a rash. We are have therefore had to visit Southampton General Hospital with Chloe.

Welcome to G1

We still have open access to G1 ward at Southampton General, I think everybody knows Chloe by now on this ward. Chloe had this evening had blood taken and there is a query if Chloe will have a Camila. Doctors are checking what Chloe might have whether it’s a virus or something else.

Unsure how long we might be in Hospital for now though. We will have to see what the blood results are and how Chloe copes with dyoralyte overnight.