Happy 3rd Birthday Chloe

Chloe's 3rd Birthday
Chloe's 3rd Birthday

Chloe turns 3 today. Happy Birthday Chloe. This time 3 years ago we were stode in Neonatal and got to visit Chloe for the first time, 3 years seem to have passed very quickly, although looking back we have been on quite a long journey already with Chloe.

This photo below is of Chloe only a few hours old. At birth; Chloe was swisked around to the Neonatal ward after her breathing and airway had been established, we got to see her for the first time a number of hours later. We still have to put a probe on her at night (3 years later) to check her oxygen saturation and heart rate overnight).
Chloe - Less than 1 day old
This is another photo from ‘Day 1’, just to show how unknown Chloe and her conditions were at birth. On Day 1, and even days after this we were still unable to see where eyes should be, Chloe’s face hadn’t fully developed. Since this time, Chloe has progressed far further than anybody thought Chloe could.

Chloe and Daniel both woke up early about 5am, Daniel was very excited and keen to see presents downstairs. Chloe, being a pickle is just a very early person, also liking to go to bed early in the evening as well.Chloe's 3rd Birthday

Chloe and Daniel both shared a birthday cake. Daniel had Benny, his favourite Lego character (mine as well). Chloe has Unikitty/Unicorn cake. One of the parents from Chloe’s school kindly made this cake ready for us to pick up the day before. Chloe’s part of the cake is chocolate sponge that is dairy-free, so Chloe can have some through her tube.

Chloe's 3rd Birthday

Just a few of Chloe’s toys and presents. Chloe’s favourite toy is her drum – we pretty much hear that going all day long. For the record, Chloe is on her 4th drum now. For reference, these drums don’t like being dropped from a wheelchair height.Chloe's 3rd Birthday

For the afternoon, whilst Daniel was at school we organised some time at Bluebells in Basingstoke. We have previously been here to swim as a family and have spent 2 holidays/weekends away here. Below, Chloe is spending some time in the Sensory room.Chloe's 3rd BirthdayWe found an Elephant (I think) that had a high back on it, so that Chloe could be partially supported whilst slowly riding back and fourth. Chloe started to push with her legs a little by the end.

Chloe's 3rd BirthdayChloe playing the piano with Mummy.

Chloe's 3rd BirthdayWe booked some time to use the indoor swimming pool. Lovely warm water for Chloe, Chloe gets really cold, really quickly when we have tried to visit our local swimming pool. Chloe loves swimming, I would imagine it is really nice to be able to float in the water, and the weight of your body be supported gently.Chloe's 3rd Birthday
Chloe's 3rd BirthdayTowards the end of the hour Chloe started to get tired, this really wears Chloe out. Both, mainly Mum looking forward to hopefully a better nights sleep – when Chloe has a busy/tiring day. This dream didn’t come true…Chloe's 3rd BirthdayOn the way home from Basingstoke all went quiet in the back of the van – Chloe had fallen asleep, so much so that we managed to get home (40 minutes) and get Chloe and wheelchairs unloaded and indoors, as well as lay Chloe on the floor to take coat and shoes off – still asleep. Chloe continued to sleep for another 1.5 hours.Chloe's 3rd BirthdayIn the evening Grandparents and Aunty Katy popped over for cuddles, presents and some birthday cake. Chloe, now full of energy again.
Chloe's 3rd BirthdayAunty Katy cuddles. Aunty Katy brought Chloe a lovely present, which flashes, moves and sounds really loud. I will try and video this to put up.
Chloe's 3rd Birthday
Chloe's 3rd BirthdayAltogether a really great day celebrating both Daniel and Chloe’s birthday. For us, a real milestone for Chloe, given the barriers and obstacles we have overcome with Chloe to now celebrate becoming 3.

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