Brother Cuddles

Joshua and Chloe
Joshua and Chloe

Boys have been having cuddles with Chloe this morning, Chloe is growing up quickly, so not as small as Chloe once was. Previously holding Chloe as you would a baby, with her head resting on an arm. Now, Chloe pretty much sits on her brother’s laps.

Daniel and Chloe

To credit her brothers, Joshua and Daniel are both very good with Chloe. Daniel will often read with Chloe – Chloe loves books, although they are chewed more than read at the moment. Joshua is very good at singing nursery rhymes and talking to Chloe about her day.

Joshua and Chloe

Pretty sure Chloe knows and is used to her brothers, and fully understands when they are in the house, particularly as the noise levels rises. I think Chloe misses them when they are at school as well.

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