Visit to Southampton Football Club

Chloe at St Marys
Chloe at St Marys

Chloe has today attended an open day event at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton. Chloe received the invite a couple of weeks ago inviting Chloe to come along and see the Stadium and some current and previous Saints players.

Chloe was even thoughtful enough to invite her Grandad along – who Chloe suspected may enjoy the day. Inviting Grandad was partly motivated by the fact it is nearly Chloe’s birthday and Christmas – good thinking Chloe 🙂

The event was being held by the Saints Disabled Supporters Association which allowed fans to come along and meet some current and ex-Saints players and take part in a number of activities. A small article featured in the Daily Echo.

This is a photo of Chloe, Grandad and Peter Rodrigues (Saints captain at the 1976 FA Cup). Chloe felt the need to lick and further clean the shiny FA Cup. Welldone Chloe.

Chloe with the FA Cup

Chloe beside the football pitch.

Chloe at St Marys