Swimming with Chloe

Mummy Cuddles in Pool with Chloe

This sunday afternoon we booked an hour’s swimming session at The Bluebells. The Bluebells is run by the Sebastian’s Action Trust for which we have stayed at and used the pool previously.

The main difference/benefit is that the pool is much warmer than at our local indoor pool – so Chloe doesn’t get cold. Her brothers also enjoy this, as the pool is booked for just our family. Inflatables, dive sticks and all sorts gets played with – and a little bit of swimming.

Bluebells Swimming Pool

This is the swimming pool above. The room is lovely and warm as well.

Chloe waiting to Swim

Chloe sporting her swimming costume – although looking very small on her, Chloe has grown quite a bit recently (which is a good thing).

Mummy Cuddles in Pool with Chloe.jpg 2

After about 45 minutes in the pool Chloe starts to get really tired and sleepy. During the 45 minutes Chloe has largely been kicking away and enjoyed being partially dunked in the water and other things which make her giggle.

General rule of thumb – The more dangerous and thrill seeking it is, the more Chloe is likely to giggle and indicate Chloe wants more.