Sleeping – Ventilator


Chloe has recently been in Hospital due to her lungs. Chloe seems to keep getting lung/chest infections, and when these are investigated suggest that Chloe’s left lung has partially collapsed, or Chloe has picked up another chest infection.

Chloe has always had added oxygen at nights, to help keep oxygen saturation levels up. However our respiratory consultant has recently given Chloe a ventilator to wear each night to help keep Chloe’s lungs open and help prevent infections and improve oxygen levels. We are still able to plug Chloe’s oxygen into this ventilator, so Chloe can effectively have both.

Chloe's ventilator

Chloe has also been enjoying one of her favourite toys from home whilst in Hospital (Also known as ‘Mid-Week City Breaks’ by Chloe).

Chloe's Drum Toy