Ambulance x2


Ambulance No. 1

Monday morning we ended up phoning PAU (Paediatrics Assessment Unit) at Southampton General, Chloe being Chloe means that we currently always have open access for this ward, should we need to bring Chloe in.

Chloe has for the last few days sounded very chesty and when breathing you can hear a slight wheeze. We have a heart rate and oxygen level monitoring machine, which when Chloe is well we only use at night to check Chloe’s oxygen levels. However the last few days we have needed to have this permanently attached to Chloe.

Unfortunately over sunday night, monday morning Chloe’s oxygen levels had been dropping, and despite the oxygen being turned up from 0.5 to 1 Chloe’s levels were still dropping. Advice over the phone from PAU was to call an ambulance and get Chloe into hospital, we as parents aren’t allowed to go over 1 litre (per hour) of oxygen (without the hospital’s permission).

Ambulance arrived monday morning and Chloe was taken to PAU. We managed to avoid A+E which is where Chloe would have gone first, this usually adds an unnecessary 8 hours to visiting hospital. Thankfully the paramedics were able to stabilise Chloe so we could go straight to PAU.

Chloe was in Paediatrics for most of the day, eventually discharged to go home, as Chloe’s breathing had settled down, enough for it to be managed at home. The doctors and nurses know Mum particularly well by now and know that Mum is able to look after Chloe medically – allowing us to do things at home, which are sometimes only done in the hospital.

Ambulance No. 2

Monday night and we were finally able to get Chloe to sleep. Both boys were just about asleep as well – we weren’t far behind.

We have always had to give Chloe oxygen overnight, just to help her whilst Chloe’s asleep – this evening we were at 0.5 and Chloe’s oxygen levels started to drop – when Chloe started to get into a deep sleep. We increased this gradually to 1. Chloe’s levels still dropping. Another phone call to Paediatrics. Advice, another call for an ambulance.


Chloe was admitted again to PAU, this time to be put onto airvo (pressurised oxygen) to help her breathing. This morning (tuesday) Chloe has had a couple of projectile vomits, which isn’t particularly a surprise – this happens almost daily. However today this happened about 2 minutes after having her medicines. Chloe is a pickle.

Chloe had an X-Ray last night to look at her lungs. We are currently waiting for our Consultant to come and review Chloe and look at a plan to help get Chloe better.