Bank Holiday


Chloe has recently picked up yet another chest infection, which turned into pneumonia. Chloe had gone up to 1/2 litre of oxygen to help keep her oxygen levels up. Mum has had several nights of no sleep. Chloe is currently sleeping in the day and awake all night.

Another weekend hospital visit unfortunately for Chloe and family. Weekend started well with a visit to Longdown Dairy Farm, which was great fun and the boys managed to collect numerous chicken eggs and see the rabbits.

Longdown Activity Farm

Chloe came into hospital Sunday morning after quite a few days at home of continued vomiting, not very nice nappies and a very high temperature.

Joshua and Chloe

Monday morning now, we are just waiting for our consultant to review Chloe. We believe Chloe may have colitis, which is inflammation of the bowel, which can be treated by medication hopefully.