Cleft Palate Surgery – Day 3

We have been in Oxford at The John Radcliffe Hospital since Monday evening. The doctor’s are happy that Chloe is slowly but surely heading in the right direction following surgery.

Chloe had cleft palate surgery on Tuesday morning, which went well except for Chloe bleeding. Chloe has had numerous blood products which have been helping, unfortunately Chloe’s bleeding has progressed and caused the stomach to be irritated due to the blood.

Other than the bleeding, Chloe has also been put on antibiotics which have irritated Chloe’s bowel causing bleeding in her stools. Chloe is still having bleeding issues.

We are hoping to be either transferred to Southampton General Hospital tomorrow (friday) or home depending on how Chloe does over thursday night. Chloe has yet to offer a smile following surgery, although we have come close to a smile a few times.

Cleft Palate Surgery

Cleft Palate Surgery