Surgery tomorrow (Cleft Palate)

Chloe and Dolly Mixture
Chloe and Dolly Mixture

A very busy day today for Chloe. This morning we had a TAC meeting (with various professionals from all sorts of fields who look after Chloe.

After this, went to Paediatrics to have IV antibiotics, which we have been having daily. We are now able to give these orally (through tube), which makes life much easier, especially as Chloe’s canula’s only seem to last 12 hours at most – before they tissue.

We are now up at Oxford (John Radcliffe Hospital) Chloe is due to have cleft palate surgery tomorrow, and in readiness for this, Chloe will be having platelets and other medicines the night before. The surgery tomorrow will be at 8am, first thing.

Chloe and Dolly Mixture

Surgery should be around 3 hours long, so by midday should find out how Chloe has got on with this.

Both boys are having a few days with Nanny and Grandad, something they are very excited about – and have been waiting for for weeks. I will try and post something tomorrow after surgery to say how this surgery has gone.

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