Happy Christmas Chloe

Happy Christmas Chloe

26th December 2017 admin 0

Happy Christmas Chloe. Chloe, received a number of Christmas presents – we always make sure Chloe and the boys have an equal amount spent on [more]

Chloe Bowling


30th September 2017 admin 0

Chloe’s gone bowling this morning. Using the frame to start the bowling ball rolling. Chloe is able to push it (gently) once the ball is [more]

First visit to Hospital in a while

First visit in a while

13th September 2017 admin 0

First visit to hospital for a few weeks. Last winter Chloe was in and out of hospital with coughs, cold, flu which affected Chloe’s breathing [more]

Baby Annabelle

Baby Annabelle

10th September 2017 admin 0

Chloe has this morning found a new baby at Asda to cuddle (suck to death), we’ve called her Annabelle.

Bumbo Seat

Chloe’s New Chair

7th September 2017 admin 0

We have just brought a new (2nd hand, but new to us) specialist bumbo/child rite seat for Chloe to start sitting up in. A few [more]

Chloe sleeping with Dolly Mixture

Sleeping Beauty

14th August 2017 admin 0

A reminder of how cute Chloe can be – despite her frequent need to visit hospital, medications and disturbed nights.

Hair Dressers


14th August 2017 admin 0

Visit to the hairdressers for Chloe. Chloe was born with a full head of hair, so from a very young age we have needed to [more]

Dolly Mixture

Cuddles with Dolly Mixture

5th August 2017 admin 0

Photo of Chloe, managed to get home just before it started raining. Chloe has just woken up from a lovely sleep this morning.

Sensory Room

Sensory Playtime

24th July 2017 admin 0

Thought it would be nice to post a few photos of Chloe playing in her sensory room. This was going to be Chloe’s bedroom, but [more]

Walk for Chloe

A Walk for Chloe: Part 2

14th July 2017 admin 0

Huge congratulations and thank you to Sue and her colleagues for completing the 20 mile walk across the Purbecks on Saturday 1st July. Sue had [more]