Dolly Mixture

Dolly Mixture

20th November 2016 admin 0

This is Chloe’s new dolly called Mixture (Dolly Mixture). Her favourite dolly that loves to be with Chloe and give her cuddles all day. One [more]

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut (at last)

20th November 2016 admin 0

This time last year Hannah was heavily pregnant with a baby girl (we had chosen the name, but hasn’t told anybody yet). We had to [more]

Birthday Party

My Birthday Party

20th November 2016 admin 0

Saturday Chloe (and her brother Daniel) had a lovely birthday party at Frankie’s soft play in Romsey. Both have their birthday on Sunday, this is [more]

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Chloe’s Sensory Room

15th November 2016 admin 0

We had a move around in our house a few months ago. Chloe’s grown up cot was moved to our bedroom – leaving Chloe’s room [more]

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14th November 2016 admin 0

Chloe has started having 1 or 2 teaspoons each day of puree. Its getting messy, but Chloe loves the taste.

Cuddles with Grandparents

My Family

13th November 2016 admin 0

A few photos of cuddles Chloe is having with family. This is Joshua, Chloe’s eldest brother. This is Daniel, who shares a birthday with Chloe [more]

Pink Play Mat

It’s Pink

12th November 2016 admin 0

Chloe has been spoilt this morning and has had 1 of her birthday presents from Nanny and Grandad Mead early. A lovely large pink bean [more]

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Cuddles with brother

8th November 2016 admin 0

Early this morning Chloe (feeling a bit grumpy) camber into our bed. Shortly afterwards her brother Josh did as well. Both feel asleep cuddling each [more]

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Feeding, Take 2

8th November 2016 admin 0

2nd day of trying to use a spoon and see if Chloe can start licking the spoon. First 5 minutes Chloe decided to keep her [more]

Wrapped Up

Wrapped Up Warm

7th November 2016 admin 0

A lovely sunday afternoon walk. Chloe is wrapped up very warmly. Since surgery on Wednesday Chloe has been very sore around her stomach, Hannah has [more]