Swimming Time [VIDEO]

Saturday morning we packed up the car and as a family headed to Basingstoke/Winchester way to visit Bluebells again. This is a house run by The Sebastian’s Trust, providing facilities and care for disabled children and their families.

We as a family took our swimming bits, and enjoyed some time swimming with Chloe, something we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do at public swimming pools. Swimming tires Chloe out really quickly, but we can see Chloe enjoying it and starting to kick her legs, it must be a lovely feeling to lay on top of the water, otherwise being in a wheelchair or laying on the floor/bed.

Below is a short video of Chloe enjoying cuddles whilst floating on the water.

Shortly after this video Chloe had a lovely long sleep, so long that Chloe was then up for parts of the night – much to our joy. The boys also enjoyed a less relaxed time swimming, largely jumping in and out of the water.