Naomi House

Naomi House

23rd July 2016 admin 0

Friday morning saw Chloe have her first visit to Naomi House ( This initial visit was to have a look around, try some of the [more]

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Loving Water

22nd July 2016 admin 0

Chloe has been to the paddling pool today with her 2 brothers. Chloe seems to love the water, and starting to move her feet about [more]

Spoilt in Hospital


18th July 2016 admin 0

Somebody likes watching Mr Tumble before they go to sleep each evening. Chloe has decided that mummy’s tablet is now Chloe’s.  


Zany Zebras

18th July 2016 admin 0

Sunny Saturday afternoon and finally a weekend free of hospitals. We spent the day walking around Southampton looking for those crazy Zebras. We walked about [more]

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Music Therapy

15th July 2016 admin 0

Whilst on the Robins Ward Chloe experienced some music therapy. This video below (apologises for bad quality, recorded on Messenger app) is just a short [more]



10th July 2016 admin 0

We have now been moved to a side room, either because of the noise we making or because Chloe is believed to have something that [more]

Bee Balloon

Sunday Morning

10th July 2016 admin 0

Hannah had been up with Chloe Saturday night/Sunday morning. Chloe now has a new cannula in, as well as bloods having been taken. A CT [more]



9th July 2016 admin 0

​Throughout Friday night and Saturday Chloe hasn’t been well. I stayed up in the hotel room with the boys whilst Hannah slept beside Chloe’s cotbed [more]

Chloe and Joshua


8th July 2016 admin 0

Today Daniel has been at pre-school. Josh had an inset day, which is rare to have Josh home but not Daniel. Josh had a Daddy [more]

John Radcliffe Hospital

Thursday (Day 4)

7th July 2016 admin 0

At John Radcliffe, particularly on the Robins Ward we have met a number of parents who are going through similar surgeries as Chloe is. A [more]

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Day 3 (After Surgery)

6th July 2016 admin 0

​Chloe has had another good night. She’s been a bit of a pickle and keeps pulling leads out though. Overnight there hasn’t really been any [more]