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Happy Father’s Day

20th June 2016 admin 0

Father’s Day happens to also be the day before Chloe’s cranial facial surgery. Parents have kindly helped and looking after the boys for the next [more]

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13th June 2016 admin 0

This afternoon Hannah and Daniel together with Chloe are travelling up to Oxford. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday Chloe has a number of pre-assessment appointments with [more]

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Saturday Morning

4th June 2016 admin 0

  This morning me and the boys were out of the house and in the car by 7:30am. All dressed and fed, bag packed and [more]

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4th June

3rd June 2016 admin 0

It’s Friday afternoon and Hannah has just been advised that they are going to be looking to do the shunt part of the procedure tomorrow [more]

Chloe in Hospital 3

Change of Plans

2nd June 2016 admin 0

Wednesday Yesterday was quite a disappointing day. Waited all day for gastrointestinal team, who never came to see us. Neuro consultant wanted gastrointestinal team to [more]