Buggy Challenge

Buggy Challenge

23rd January 2016 admin 0

We are still in Neonatal with Chloe. Due to be going home with Chloe soon. We are today just practicing laying Chloe down in the [more]

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Chloe: Update

21st January 2016 admin 0

Just had meetings with various consultants, the scans that Chloe has had show some pressure within the skull, but nothing that urgently needs emergency surgery [more]

Tube Removed

Change to Feeding

21st January 2016 admin 0

No mouth tube anymore (through nose instead), which should also help with learning to suck and use a bottle.


20th January 2016 admin 0

Chloe is now as big as her rabbit, we have named Monkeybunny. This is Chloe fast asleep at Oxford Hospital.

Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeds

20th January 2016 admin 0

Chloe’s learning to use a bottle this afternoon. This is her 2nd try at using a bottle. We are up to now tube feeding, so [more]

Hospital Road Trip

Road Trip

19th January 2016 admin 0

Big day today, everything packed. We are both at Princess Anne Hospital very early this morning (7:30am) ready for Chloe’s 2nd road trip. On our [more]